Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Days!

The February snow storm was quite exciting! We had about 10 inches at our house. It was so pretty. It knocked down many limbs and trees in our neighborhood. Our biggest problem was getting my car into the garage-it was stuck in the cul-de-sac for awhile. Chuck was awesome about getting it out. He didn't even complain when he had to shovel the driveway to get it into the garage. School was canceled on Friday-Yea Snow Day! Chuck got off early that day as well. Rex thought the snow was the best thing ever! He loved running and playing in it! Here are a few pics of the snow. We don't expect to see anything like it again in our lifetime. Who knows though, God may have other days like this planned for us. We'll see! :)Rex in the backyard
Chuck shoveling the drive
Look at how much snow is on the trees

Our house :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sweet Niece!

Shelby's birthday was this past month. She is such a beautiful and smart 6 year old. I cannot believe what an amazing little girl she has become! I love spending time with her-hearing her perspective of life. She is such a joy! Her party was everything she wanted it to be-friends, dancing, chocolate cake and lot's of fun! The Birthday Girl!
Happy Birthday dear Shelby!


Dancing Girl

Shelby, Michael and Lyndsey

Mikey on the dance floor!

Lyndsey's 2nd outfit of the party!

Uncle Chuck and Mikey

Monday, November 9, 2009


We made it to Temple for Halloween. It was great to see the kids dressed up for Halloween. Shelby the cheerleader, Lyndsey as Tinkerbell and Michael as Winnie the Pooh's honey pot. They were so cute!! They went Trunk or Treating at church and dropped by Nana and Papa's house to get halloween gifts. Aren't they just the sweetest!

I love getting to spend this much time with the kids! I miss seeing my family all the time. But the holidays are here and we will get to see everybody several times! Yea!!
Hope everyone is enjoying their Fall Fun!!

Happy Fall!

We spent a happy, fall weekend with the family! What fun! We went to the pumpkin patch and Shelby's school carnival. The kids had so much fun painting pumpkins, hayrides, petting animals and riding a tractor pulled train. I can't wait til we have a few of our own to take with the cousins. And no we aren't pregnant yet. I'll post about that soon :)

So here are a few pics of our weekend!

Chuck and I with Lyndsey-She did not want to go on this hayride

Shelby, Michael and Lyndsey
Shelby-5yrs old

Lyndsey-3 yrs old
Michael-6 months

The Kantro Family-My sister Christi and her husband Dane and the 3 kiddos

Please keep praying for my dad. We made it into town for all the fall fun with the kids because my dad has been sick. They have placed a stint in his heart and have changed his meds. We are praying that this continues to help him feel better.
With all our love,

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Go Tech! Beat Texas!

So, we are getting ready for the game. Always fun around here! Hopefullly Tech wins!!

Anyway, we haven't posted in awhile! So here's what's going on with us!

School-Going ok. Kinda stressful. New grade-same kids. Lot's to do.
Home-Rex is running things for us :) He's gotten so big! Yet, he's still a baby at heart. Megs is still hiding. Mollie is being very social. She'll even come out when Rex is in the room. Bear is Bear. Hanging out by the back door like usual.
Doctor-We have started our treatment. I'm on Prometrium and will start Clomid in a couple of weeks. Just praying for patience as we wait on God's timing in this. Also, praying that the side effects will be minimal.
Church-Loving it!! We are both serving in the Children's Dept. We are working with 5th graders. It's been a wonderful opportunity for us!

Well, I'm off to cheer for Tech!! Hope all of you enjoy the game!!

With the Love of Christ,

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back to Real Life We Go!

I go back to work tomorrow and we go back to real life. Kinda sad but exciting at the same time. Sad that my free time and relaxing will be cut drastically. Excited that a new year at school will begin which is always full of surprises. I'm praying that this year is full of opportunities to share God's love. I'm praying that I won't get bogged down with the worries of the day but will focus on my true purpose in being there. God's been showing me alot these days how I must be willing to speak up when needed and to know there's also a time to just be quiet. I pray that I won't let Him down...well atleast not too often.

I'm really not sure who's going to be affected more with my return to school-me or Chuck. I think he's gotten really used to the stress-free wife who's always home. Hopefully, I can get better about leaving school stress at school.

On another note, my recovery is going beautifully. Now, we must wait another 4 weeks to see Dr. Taylor and start the next steps. Patience.

Well, we are loving our church home and are looking forward to serving in the children's ministry. I can't wait!! I've missed it so much. We went to our leadership training today and are ready to begin next week. We love being connected to our church!

May God's purpose always guide us as we go through this crazy life!
With Love,

Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer Fun!

The girls came to town with my dad about a week after my surgery. They were coming to pick up my mom. I was so sad to see her go home but the girlies helped it to be a little more joyful!
They're watching dogs do tricks on YouTube. Notice how Lyndsey is holding hands with Rex :)

She's explaining how he likes to be petted.

"I'm just hugging him!!"


What one does, the other must follow!

Look! We can play the guitar too!

I went to Cincinatti, Ohio for the Reading First Conference.

Us after a long day: the conference, shopping, a movie and dinner
And of course, we all bought new shoes!

Oh how this summer has flown by! Can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings!!